Room Fifty Two is a California based B2B marketing company offering content creation, platform management & digital advertising services to clients worldwide. We are aptly named after the Executive Office Of Digital Strategy in the White House, Room 52 – an office known as the pusher of boundaries, informant to the masses, and the root of every digital presidential first. True to name, Room Fifty Two lies at the intersection of innovation, management and strategy. 


We help our clients attain sustainable business growth through creativity, technology and strategic vision. We don’t take shortcuts, use cut-and-paste formulas or gimmicky quick fixes. We believe in strategy sessions, listening to your audience, monitoring competitors, and constantly adapting to new information, challenges and changes. 


Each client is unique and so are their digital needs. We’re here to make you look good on the internet whether via slight photo editing or Poster / Billboard / Ticket Design, custom Snapchat filters, Branded Graphics or tailored memes, we’ve got it covered. We work with your team and third party companies to create content unique to each social platform. We are able to create custom graphics in-house, and film professional videos. 


We are the eyes and ears of our clients, serving not only as the first line of defense for your brand but also picking up on key insights from the community. We operate under the moto: engagement breeds engagement. For this reason, we will never limit the hours we spend online or number of comments we respond to from customer service to daily engagement. 

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